How Do I Know If Clear Braces Is the Best Treatment for Me?

Everyone has heard of Invisalign—it’s a treatment that’s only grown in popularity as the years have gone by. But did you know that not everyone is eligible for the Invisalign orthodontic treatment? If the state of your teeth’s alignment is too severe, your Tucson orthodontist may advise a different route such as clear braces. They offer a similar discretion to our orthodontic patients, but are perfect for those who have special cases. In order to find out if clear braces is the best treatment for you, we invite you to set up a consultation with Dr. Marisela M. Bedoya.

How Do I Know If Clear Braces Is the Best Treatment for Me?

As previously stated, if the alignment of your teeth is too severe, you’ll want to steer clear from Invisalign or Invisalign Teen and opt for clear braces instead. Special cases of severe misaligned teeth include (but are not limited to) cases such as deep overbites and severely rotated teeth. Unfortunately, clear aligners are best suited for those who have minor alignment corrections ahead of them. For those who need extra assistance, traditional or clear braces would be best.

The reason for which clear braces are better in these instances, is because braces offer more strength behind the pull and pressure of their tightened wires. This may cause more discomfort at first, but ultimately is necessary in order to get your teeth alignment on track. At the end of the day, it’s best to choose the orthodontic treatment that is more suited for your unique smile, rather than what seems like the easiest choice but ends up not working at all.

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