Is Straightening Your Teeth Purely A Cosmetic Decision?

It’s a common misconception that teeth straightening is purely a cosmetic procedure. It’s not. Orthodontic care has many benefits, especially when done with great care by professionals, like Tucson’s most trusted orthodontist, Dr. Marisela Bedoya. Here are a few of the many reasons why you should consider getting your teeth straightened.

Better Brushing
Orthodontic care leads to straighter teeth. Straighter teeth improves your oral hygiene results. When your teeth are crowded, it’s difficult for your toothbrush to reach the complete surface of your teeth, but teeth straightening leaves a flat surface for your toothbrush to effectively reach and clean entirely.

Clearer Speech
Sometimes people seek orthodontic care to improve their speech capabilities. Crooked teeth may lead to a lisp or slur in one’s speaking patterns; however, this can be remedied with the use of braces or other teeth straightening procedures!

Eating Difficulties
Crowded teeth can cause an overbite or even prevent the jawline from closing entirely. This could lead to difficulty eating certain foods, or even solid foods in general! Additionally, improper or incomplete chewing as a result of a common orthodontic problem could lead to digestive issues.

Fewer Headaches
In some cases, people who suffer from chronic headaches could be experiencing “dental headaches” as a result of crooked teeth, otherwise known as “malocclusion”. The right orthodontic care can alleviate these problems and provide relief to aching minds.

Improved Quality of Life
Teeth straightening will not only lead to improved dental hygiene; undergoing orthodontic care at your local Tucson orthodontics practice will also enhance your quality of life! Straight teeth enhance confidence and can therefore lead to improve social situations at school, work, you name it.

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