Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment in Tucson

As a parent, you want nothing more for your child than for them to be healthy and successful. Orthodontic treatment is an excellent way to improve your child’s oral health and increase their confidence for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. At Doctor Smiles Orthodontics, we offer excellent adolescent orthodontic treatment to Tucson and Green Valley, AZ.

Dr. Marisela Bedoya is a highly trained orthodontist that works hard to guide and educate parents along the path of their child’s orthodontic journey. By pairing state-of-the-art treatment and informative consultations, we strive to provide you with a smooth and seamless experience. Call us today to schedule your consultation!

When Is the Best Time to Start Treatment?

It can be challenging to know whether your child is the right age to receive orthodontic treatment. Our Tucson orthodontist will ultimately determine if treatment is necessary. However, between the ages of 11 and 15 is the most common time to begin orthodontic treatment.

By 12 years old, most of your child’s teeth should have erupted. This is typically when parents can determine whether or not their child should receive orthodontic treatment, as problems like overbites and spacing issues are easier to detect once your child’s adult teeth are in place.

7 Benefits of Orthodontics

Orthodontia provides your child with benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Our corrective options are an excellent way to correct uneven bites that can interfere with speaking and chewing. Orthodontic treatment can also help to prevent future oral health issues.

Some of the benefits provided by our Tucson orthodontic treatments include:

  1. Optimizing bite function
  2. Increasing confidence
  3. Improving oral hygiene
  4. Preventing jaw pain
  5. Reducing the risk of dental complications
  6. Eliminating many costly future treatments
  7. Minimizing the risk of crooked and protruding teeth

Our Orthodontic Treatments for Adolescents in Tucson

When you visit our office, our dentist will sit down with you and your child to determine which of our offerings fits your unique needs. We offer an extensive list of adolescent orthodontic treatments at our Tucson practice, including:

  • Metal Braces: One of the most common types of braces, metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and are known for their comfort and slim profile.
  • Clear Braces: Our clear braces are a popular orthodontic option for patients looking for a less noticeable way to correct alignment issues.
  • Gold Braces: Popular with adolescent patients, these stainless-steel braces are coated with 24-karat gold for durability.
  • Wild Braces: These braces include stainless steel brackets that are available in various fun, kid-friendly shapes.
  • Invisalign® Teen: An alternative to traditional braces, this form of correction uses clear aligners to comfortably and discreetly correct minor to moderate alignment issues.
  • Lingual Braces: These braces are positioned behind your teeth so that they are virtually undetectable when you smile.

Adolescent Orthodontics FAQs

At our dental office, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have about our orthodontic treatment options. Some of the common questions we receive include:

How long does my child have to wear braces?

The length of treatment depends on factors like the patient’s age, the type of braces, and the severity of dental misalignment. Regardless of how much help your child needs, we have perfect treatment options for them.

Does orthodontic treatment hurt?

Orthodontic treatment shouldn’t be painful. However, it’s normal for patients to feel some discomfort immediately after adjustment appointments.

How will my child brush and floss with braces?

Brushing and flossing will continue like normal after your child receives their braces. However, they’ll have to use specialized tools and techniques to get around their braces.

Can my child still participate in sports with braces?

Yes. However, we highly recommend that your child wears a mouth guard even if they’re playing noncontact sports.

Your Place for Skilled Adolescent Orthodontics in Tucson, AZ

Dr. Marisela Bedoya is trained in high-quality orthodontic techniques and procedures to help your child get a healthy and beautiful smile you’ll both be happy with. To learn more about our Tucson orthodontic treatment options for your child, contact Doctor Smiles Orthodontics to schedule your appointment!