Perfecting Your Smile Arc with The Pitts System® in Tucson

The Pitts System is an innovative approach to traditional orthodontic treatment. Although it may look like your run-of-the-mill steel orthodontic braces, they are anything but ordinary. Updated with modern technology, the Pitts System is designed to be less invasive, more comfortable, and deliver faster results! Developed by Dr. Thomas Pitts, this system can only be applied and practiced by orthodontists trained to use this method. Dr. Bedoya of Doctor Smiles Orthodontists is one of the few elite orthodontists certified to practice this method and is the only one to offer the Pitts System in Tucson, AZ.

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What Sets the Pitts System Apart?

One of the unique benefits of the Pitts System over conventional braces is better torque control. This characteristic makes the movement of teeth easier. The design of these new orthodontic brackets allows our orthodontist to move and rotate your teeth more precisely. You can expect quick results because it can precisely control the movement of your teeth, allowing for fewer visits. Results have shown that approximately four months can be shaved off the average amount of time it would take to reach the perfect smile with traditional braces.

A Straight Smile Without Extractions

Another great feature of the Pitts System is the ability to avoid extractions. Our orthodontist does not want to remove any teeth because this can cause dark corners in your mouth, making your smile appear smaller. Keeping all your teeth will result in a fuller, more beautiful smile arc. This is achieved using a technique called the Active Early approach. This method works by adjusting your teeth and gums before placing the brackets onto your teeth.

Optimized to Fit Your Smile with the Active Early Approach

Our orthodontist will optimize your orthodontic treatment by shaping your teeth and contouring your gums. Your teeth will be smoothed out using a white stone and black rubber tip tool. Your gum line will be contoured using diode lasers. These small cosmetic changes help our orthodontist choose the optimal placement of your brackets. When using the Pitts System in Tucson, our orthodontist does not necessarily place the brackets at the center of the tooth. Instead, we place each one where the torque will have the most beneficial effect on the movement of the tooth, encouraging faster results.


Benefits of the Pitts System in Tucson

Our team knows that getting braces can be intimidating and cause anxiety for many. Dr. Bedoya works with you to answer any questions you have and alleviate any fears. As one of the most advanced options for braces, the Pitts System is designed to offer various benefits that traditional braces don’t have. These benefits make having braces simpler and less intrusive in your daily life. Some of the advantages include:

  • Superior Comfort – The brackets of the Pitts System have smooth, rounded edges and corners. They also fit snuggly to the surface of your teeth. Because of their innovative design, the brackets lack rough edges that can press up against your cheeks.
  • Easier Oral Hygiene – The size and shape of the brackets allow for easier brushing and flossing. Rinsing your mouth will also remove most food particles that may have become stuck in your braces.
  • Self-Ligation – One of the most innovative aspects of the Pitts System is the self-ligating wires. A tiny spring-loaded door maintains pressure on the wires to gently adjust your teeth. This allows the wires to tighten independently without having to visit our orthodontist, allowing for fewer visits and quicker results.
  • Creates a Beautiful Smile Arc – The Pitts System doesn’t just straighten your teeth. It realigns your teeth into a beautiful arch that follows your lower lip curve, giving you that photogenic smile you deserve.

Your Tucson Pitts System Orthodontic Specialist

If you’re interested in having an enhanced smile in a fraction of the usual time, visit Dr. Bedoya and our friendly team to receive the superior Pitts System in Tucson. Do you still have questions? Call our offices at (520) 263-9510 or schedule an appointment.